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Welcome to Sirius Point


Welcome to Sirius Point

Info on funds

Private Investment Funds

Private Investment Funds are pooled investment vehicles that satisfy an exemption from public registration in the Investment Company Act of 1940. Private funds are offered to Accredited or Qualified Investors.

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Retirement & IRAs

Basics of a Private Hedge Fund

Private Investment Funds, also known as ‘hedge funds’, generally invest in other securities and financial instruments. The investment strategies and portfolio composition of these funds can vary widely

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Building Wealth with Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds can add an element to an investment portfolio that may assist in achieving certain investment goals or add to the pursuit of investment returns.

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Common Myths about Hedge Funds

1. The main purpose of a hedge fund is to hedge risk.

While some hedge funds use hedging as an integral part of their investment strategy, others may not use hedging at all, relying instead on a different investment program. Some funds may use hedging with the sole purpose of pursuing additional returns, a strategy that generally adds risk. The fund’s documents will specify what type of hedging practices the fund uses in its investment strategy.

2. Hedge funds invest in exotic securities.

Not all hedge funds invest in rare, unknown securities that most investors may not know about or consider for their portfolio. Some hedge funds invest in traditional holdings commonly available, such as equities, bonds, and ETFs, as their core investment strategy for the fund. Other funds may use a combination of rare, exotic, or more well known instruments as well as use a hedging strategy to persue higher returns. Investment objectives and styles vary, providing many choices for investors to achieve their goals.

3. Hedge Funds are secretive and mysterious.

Private hedge funds are exempt from registration and may seem mysterious as a result. However, each hedge fund has an offering document that explains its investing goals, investment strategy, and potential risks associated with the investment. The offering document provides details on how that strategy will be deployed. The most secretive part of hedge funds is that they are marketed only to accredited investors and are not available to the general public.