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Sirius Roots

Sirius Point Advisors, Inc. has its roots in a family investment system that included multiple members across the United States. The investment style for the group consisted of a mix of index-based funds in each account, effectively running a fund-of-funds investment program on an individual level. In 2014 the family decided to formalize its experience and investment style by opening Sirius Point Advisors, Inc.

At Sirius Point, we believe that a successful investment program is based on a solid foundation that is achievable and repeatable. As with any business model, this core concept is what produces results. Sirius works within this framework on a daily basis. We evaluate the current, prior, and potential future market behavior using a technical analysis strategy. From this, we assess risk versus reward in the market and assign a rating. Using this rating, we identify windows of opportunity in the market and act on these accordingly.